How to Maximize Storage in Your Tiny Home

by Bryce Real Estate 04/10/2022

Efficient storage is essential for tiny house living. The great thing is that even in a small space there are tons of clever ways to maximize storage potential. Here we’ll go over some tips for increasing your tiny home’s storage.

Install Drawers Under the Stairs

If you have stairs in your tiny house, you have a huge potential storage space just waiting to be filled. It’s common for builders to include components like water heaters in the space under the stairs, so depending on the construction of your home you may not have an entirely open space. Regardless, you can cleverly use the space you have by installing drawers under each step to turn your stairs into a tiered dresser.

Try Over-Under Shelving

Wall shelves are a storage staple and especially in tiny homes. However, you can get even more use out of them by storing things beneath the shelves and on top. Add hooks or a leather strap to the bottom of the shelf so you can hang objects from it. This works especially well in kitchens for hanging utensils or even pots and pans.

Hang Items From the Ceiling

Have you considered how much ceiling space you could use for storage? While you don’t need to cover the entire ceiling with a mounted rack or shelving, you can still hang things from the ceiling to save space. Hanging potted plants, wind chimes or other decorative pieces will add coziness and charm to your tiny home without taking up valuable surface space. Try a multi-tiered hanging basket for the kitchen to hold fresh fruit, dish soap or other items that would take up counter space.

Find Empty Space Up High

It’s common for there to be wasted space above cabinets or other furnishings. Even if it seems out of reach, it can be valuable storage potential. Add compact baskets, bins or other storage containers to store smaller items. You can easily store linens in these spaces by folding them into long, narrow piles. They will take up less vertical space and perfectly use the unused nooks and crannies up high.

Utilize Every Corner

Using corner shelves and furniture is another simple way to make the most of the space you have and add extra storage. You can DIY corner shelves with very basic carpentry tools and use them to store smaller items that would normally take up surface space. Corner tables and corner cabinets are also perfect for using that tiny amount of space for big storage potential. Try adding a corner cabinet to your bathroom or kitchen for easy storage of small but essential items to keep them close by.

Staying organized in a tiny space takes discipline and clever use of storage space. Many homeowners love the simpler, smaller-scale lifestyle a tiny house provides. These tips will help you make the most of every inch of your home and add storage in new and creative ways.